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Nycrist Pharmatech Limited is an innovation-orientated contract research organization founded by a group of highly energetic and qualified scientists dedicated to integrating front-line technologies into innovative early stage drug development.

More than 40 % of newly discovered drugs have little or no water solubility, and over 90% of drugs approved since 1995 have poor solubility, poor permeability, or both. These molecules present unique development challenges but also potential successes. Nycrist was established to provide you support in developing effective solutions for poorly soluble compounds. Our extensive collaboration and consultation experience with international pharmaceutical companies allow us to offer top quality solid state packages ranging from solid form screening, excipients selection to further processing and formulation development, as well as a unique PAT approach.

Clients and Solid State are at the heart of our operation. We love what we do, and we enjoy sharing ideas and skills with our clients. We design and select solid state approaches for your APIs based on the unique physico-chemical properties of each model compound and the physical chemistry mechanism of its optimal delivery systems. A special focus will also be placed on introducing innovative and integrated strategies to ensure effective solid form screen and deeper understanding of your API to support your drug development processes.

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